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Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

We'll go to bat for you in court if you're faced with a lawsuit. We've taken on civil cases such as landlord-tenant disputes, collections, and contractual disagreements.

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Estate Planning

We can help you understand the difference between a will, trust, and other tools so you can confidently organize your personal affairs and designate beneficiaries.

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A guardianship is an important legal tool that allows for decision-making over yourself or another individual who is unable to communicate about their well-being.

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Probate Law

If you've recently lost a loved one, allow us to take on the legal processes of probate to ensure their wishes are carried out accordingly while you focus on family.

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Real Estate Law

Rely on our professional services to draft, negotiate, and finalize important legal documents when closing on real estate or working through a dispute.

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Traffic Law

Traffic violations can mean hefty fines and restricted privileges. Let us represent your case and fight for you so you can maintain a clean driving record.

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